Do you have someone you admire with a boat load of passion ? I do ... I got invited to his last show Tomoz night and I'm only asking this Q so I can remember the way I feel tonight :)


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Blurtit Community, awesome, outstanding, positive, loving ,caring, intelligent, helpful, compassionate, joyful, encouraging, kind, loving PEOPLE. 😄😁🤗😎😆😊😄😁🤗😆

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Oh, yeah. Donald Trump.

He's good looking, charming, thoughtful, diplomatic, intelligent, humble, honourable, compassionate, and if there are enough Americans out there whose IQ is lower than the room temperature, he'll be the next president of the United States.

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Call me Z
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If there were such a product as sarcasm boots, we'd be passing them out here. It's pretty deep, Master Didge.
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Lol:) i can't ask a question about the devil on here ... That's not nice
Didge Doo
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Sarcasm? Who, me? Golly!
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I wouldn't be married for going on 28 years if I didn't.

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I luv u much gordie :) BAM ! With lots of ammmmmms :)

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There are many people! Following Jan i have to admit the Blurtit community including yourself. Good friends on here and facebook that i've got around the world and then those some nice friends i've got near me here. Then my mother, cousin and girlfriend. The three top people that influenced my life in a different way.

But according to your question i would like mention these six magical man as their music is the protein source for my soul. Their music is every piece of my emotions.specially Chester Bennington. I admire him very strongly for his character not just his voice or music taste.

He's a man where grew with much stress in his life. Divorced parents. Poor financial status. Someone who got addicted to alcohol and drugs. Got sexually assaulted by one of his father's friends. But he fought that back (also in help of his now ex wife) someone who used to get bullied  and be mocked for his weak eye sight and his required glasses that sounded weird to some. he was poor enough that couldn't afford a ring for his wife, he's got a friend which been tattoo artist. he and his ex wife Samantha, tattooed their fingers instead of a ring. he's someone who used to serve people's table on Burger King now today he own one of the versions himself. He's a successful singer and richest male singer in the world with his own T-shirt brand, Vodka brand and more. He's a singer where he never canceled a show even when his wrist-elbow got broken or even when his leg got broken. He's always there for people.  I would feel guilty if i don't admire him. for his passion in what he does, for his strength and fighting spirit. for his kindness and nice heart. for his down to earth attitude. he thought me many lessons throughout years.

Linkin Park is not just a band but a family. These six man can show everyone how to be loyal. How to be a family. How to have each other's back and stick together whatsoever. And many more. So yes i admire them something beyond a normal passion.

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