What's the most unpleasant place that you are forced to go to on a regular basis?


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The dentist for me! I've gotten the lecture. I know I need to brush my teeth more than I do now. I need to brush and floss after every time I eat. I understand.

I also always get braces pushed. I don't need them for medical reasons, but for some reason they always bring them up. I have one tooth that isn't in line with the rest, but it's never caused me trouble. When I walked out of the office I overheard the woman telling my mom it could get stuck in my cheek along with other made up problems (I know because it never even scrapes my cheek but I actually DO have molars that constantly bite my cheek unless I put a bubble in my mouth, but she doesn't mention that cuz braces won't fix it)

It is not new knowledge how often to brush and floss my teeth and for how long, how to brush and floss, and what happens if I don't. But I hear it every time.


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Bathroom ­čÉŁ

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I'd say school, but since I'm learning something I love it's not that bad really. Probably my s/o's mothers house. Can't stand her, she put addiction before him all his life. Plus she doesn't have any dogs or cats and a petless home is not a place I want to be!

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THE KITCHEN!!!!!!!!!


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Ancient Hippy
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Do your appliances cringe and whimper when you walk in?
Yin And Yang
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Appliances????? Whats an appliance? Ooooo Do you mean accomplice???? Oh yes my accomplices do cringe and whimper when I walk in!!!!
LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!! My last appliance I killed..... it will never mess with me again!!!!
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I don't have to go any more but I had to go to the hospital wound clinic every week for months till my burn finally healed. The Nurses and Doctors were nice but going every week was very unpleasant and I don't like hospitals at all.

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I can recall a couple of jobs that made my physiologically depressed and because of that it affected me physically.

One job I sabotaged my position, and was terminated during the last recession . . . Then I hated going to Unemployment every week . . . That and Job interviews.

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To my proctologist and her fickle finger of fate. She is a small woman with small handles. But when I am not looking I swear her finger feels as if it is the size of an ax handle.

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