Why is it only seen as a women being beat in a relationship? When really 2 in 5 men go through domestic abuse every day. Should we not also speak for the men that get abused and don't have a voice? Can we stop judging genders by stopping stereotypes?


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Yes, it does happen, though I'd doubt that the number of incidents is anywhere near the percentage you gave here. Would you explain how you arrived at the idea that 40% of men are beaten by their womenfolk?

It is NOT stereotypical to point out that far too many women suffer unacceptable physical abuse at the hands of their men.

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Thank you Dozy, I considered saying something just like you did here...
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One of the problems with the Internet is that somebody posts something nonsensical "40% of men are battered by their women" and somebody else thinks it must be true.

Abraham Lincoln was right when he said, "You can't believe everything you read on the Internet."
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That Abraham Lincoln fine fellow!
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I have to admit that i am agree "only" with part of your statement. But there are many correctness to make.

1.There's no stereotype about how women get abused by men through ages.

2.You talk about percentage and genders. As Didge said, i have no idea how you got your records either, but i highly doubt it be too valid.

3.You talking about physical abuse. The human nature represents male to have a stronger physical strength than female. This is exactly what some abusive men took advantage of. It's a clear fact that who would abuse whom as you turning the history's pages and you would realize there's a huge problem with your records when you open your eyes a little bit wider without trying to fight yourself to see the truth. Male abusers can be found everywhere. My father used to be one of them. How many female can you find to leave their husband with pain, bruises while choking in blood ? Bring me examples. I'll be agree with you then.

4.Plain and simple, there's only one gender that their rights been vanished and have been forced to face a forceful lifetime involved with limits and discrimination throughout history across the world. Female. It's females that got abused physically and psychologically all the time. I would rise my voice for Female's rights not males.

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Men usually get shot and killed by their wifes and end up on the show snapped. Lets face it their is some crazzy women out their

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Sadly, there's A LOT of people (male and female) who will laugh at an abused man or ignore the issue because of some silly sexist reason. If you ever see a video on YouTube or something about a man being domestically abused, the comment section is filled with jokes and a lot of young boys who scoff and say things like "what kind of real man turns down sex from a woman like her" or " couldn't he just beat her up?". Then there are other issues that connect to this. Society is sexist, and hard to change when there's so little people knowing about/involved with things like this.

If you ever come across something like what you described playing out, preach some truth (and check your sources if it's statistics). Do read on this stuff, it's pretty interesting and educating.

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