why are some people so dumb. about ten yrs ago a man kills his wife a cop in south houston texas. he then buys a body bag with a check from a funeral home, your thoughts??


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Yep, that's dumb.

Best I heard about was a husband-and-wife team somewhere in rural USA who held up a convenience store. While Mr Dopey is forcing the guy to empty the till, Mrs Dopey is filling out a form to enter a contest. Guess who was waiting for them when they arrived home?

And, yes, that's supposed to be a true story.

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I remember this one.  A 22-year-old was arrested while Snapchatting his whereabouts (he was currently hiding in a cupboard from police, who were searching his home at the time). That was actually his second incriminating post to the platform – his first was kind enough to inform police that he was at home in the first place.

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" stupid is as stupid does "

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I think some people become so desperate they just don't think things through. When I was a kid our bank was robbed. The robber handed the teller a note. He wrote the note on the back of an envelop with his name and address on the front.

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