What is it like to make out with a guy? cause I never experienced that before. thank you.


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I wouldn't know and I never want to find out.

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That all depends on the relationship you have with the guy.  You can make out with one guy and it might be really nice ... Another it might be horrible.  When you're old enough and find the right guy who inspires you ... You can answer this for yourself.

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Dear Megan Goodgirl,

Depending on these website guidelines, I will give it a go for you...

Although each of us is unique, it often begins with the eyes...that is how you know a man is interested in you, and how he knows if you are receptive. Conversations seem fascinating, and then he may hold your hand.

As he feels you are ready, he may touch your arm, your knee, your cheek, your hair...and this will feel very good, the touch makes your body sing. Also it takes place over time - days, weeks or months, your body is changing because of his touch and needs time to awaken.

The first kiss is light as a butterfly wing on a flower.

Also over time, a bond is forming...a harmony. And it is now good to understand the nature of this bond, is this a bond of a playful loving friendship, or might it be more permanent? Because a woman's love is very powerful, and understanding herself and her mate can help her guide her own emotions.

And if the two-become-one now choose to caress in even more intimate ways, there is wonderful love poetry...I will give you a verse from Maya Angelou...

Does it come as a surprise

That I dance like I've got diamonds

At the meeting of my thighs...

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