What do non 16 year olds think about 16 year olds?


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PJ Stein answered

Well those who are older, say over 20, all think that 16 year olds are so young and they have a lot to learn.

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Ancient Hippy answered

I'm not generalizing here but this is what I noticed about the 16 year olds in my neighborhood. Very few have jobs, NONE of them are working on getting their drivers license, they're never outside, none of them help with yard work and most of them have no idea what they want in their futures. I blame a lot of this on their parents who say that it's just easier to let the kids be lazy than it is to fight with them to do something.

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Tom Jackson answered

Not sure what I thought about them when I was younger than 16; but now that I am 4x+ older than that, I think that most of them will in fact survive the experience and be better for it.

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