What's a deal breaker for you as far as dating?


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A married liar with STD. Any liar.

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Back in the day it was cigarettes.

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Since I am old enough not to care that much about dating anymore I do have a few deal breakers.



Secular creationism

And of course if you are a liar, cheat, user and theif I will not date you either!

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Forty years ago, I would have considered fellow males, transgenders, and bi-sexuals in that category.

I haven't dated in 37, but I suspect it would be the same, with perhaps a few more categories added.

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Well I haven't dated for over 29 years now . . . I have been severely lucky my wife in finding someone who completes me . .

If I had to go back into the dating ring . . I couldn't take a woman who cannot think for themselves. They can't be weak minded, with no ambition.

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