Okay so I have a guy friend that I can not read for anything. PLEASE HELP!! (read below)?


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I maybe over analyzing this, but at the time it was odd. So I am hanging with my friend, nothing special, just friends, hanging in his dorm room. He's sitting there playing a game and talking to his friends right. And then I get a call from my friend Jerry. And I am just talking on the phone, of course the friend I'm with asks who it is and all but then he starts telling me to get off the phone. I'm like why? He says "cause I'm not on the phone." I'm like yea, but your playing a game? And then a bit later he keeps saying to get off the phone. Finally he says "I'm bout to stop playing and go back to Netflix" (we had started a movie and paused it when his friends invited him to play) ....... So my question is... What's the big deal? Why did he freak over that and act like that? Why does it matter if I am on the phone or not, he doesn't care??

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Life is a two way mirror.

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