What is something that makes you cringe every single time?


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Squirrels , rice , white bread and  people who chew and snap gum loudly. Oh !! Also  people who smell like kitty litter. Also people who draw their eyebrows on . Oh !! And the car radio being on an odd number volume. 10 is fine and 12 is fine but 11 drives me insane. Oh !! And Unorganized kitchen cupboards especially when people have their cups or mugs facing up....and white  chocolate and cilantro.... That's all.

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Jaimie  JT
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Lists are one of my top 9 favourite things . Adding to cringe worthy list .. People who do not APRECIATE lists :p
Ancient Hippy
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Lists are cringeworthy.
SuperFly Original
omg my dog used to... well.... "recycle" the kitty litter as treats. Must I spell it out? ate the one thing you dare not --- from inside the litter box. Squirreles though? they dont bother me at all.
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The sound of tires screeching to stop.

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Government, religion, Military.

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