A 12 yr. old girl pinched a boy on the bottom at school. The resource officer asked the boy if he wanted to press charges and he said no. The boy's mother found out and insisted the girl be arrested for battery. Do you feel the mother went to far? The school had already suspended the girl. 


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Being that I'm not sure about the whole story I couldn't say. Was the boy harassed (mentally, physically, sexually) by this girl before? Had she touched him before?  Is this girl a problem? Had she been warned previously, but because he's a boy no one took him seriously? Just because he was asked doesn't mean he would want to look like a wuss and complain about a girl touching him.

How would I feel if the genders were different? Would I be more tolerant of this mother doing this if it was a girl complaining about a boy?

On one hand it seems a bit much, but I just don't know enough to make an informed opinion on it.

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dragonfly forty-six
I have a relative who was an underage victim of battery. It was not at the victims request that charges were filed against the perpetrator. I know with some cases in some states it is not always at the victims request that charges are filed. If it did happen in this case I wonder if the mother could just drop the charges. To me there is not only a question of this mother's judgement but how is it that the DA pursued the case? Don't they have better things to do than to charge a 12 year old for a middle school game? Even though this has been reported on, what are we missing here? Is the DA up for re-election? If indeed this is an over reaction on a parent's part why wasn't it dropped after it was investigated? Why weren't more people charged? Sounds like she got a lesser charge and it will be expunged from her record, but why was she the sacrificial lamb?
Cindy  Lou
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@dragonfly-you are correct. It is ultimately up to the DA and many times the DA does it because they think they are "making a point" or "trying to teach others " aka as "making an example out of someone". In my daughter's town they had a similar incident where the DA filed charges anyway on a young child and come to find out a year later, the DA was buying and selling pot from his home and was high half the time at work.
PJ Stein
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Here is a link to the story. I think the whole thing is absurd. It is the mother that is pushing this and I think the suspension was enough of a punishment.

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I'm pretty sure I had my butt grabbed by a girl around that age as well. I didn't care at all. I would have been far more distressed if my mom had wanted to make a big deal out of it than by it actually happened. It sounds like the mother has gone too far here (especially in ignoring the boy's wish that the issue not be taken further). At the same time, it's understandable when parents react like that.

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Oh my....really? When I was in school, pinching someone's derrier was a sign someone liked you. Let kids be kids....I think micromanaging is getting waaaay outta hand.

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Both school and ridiculous mom extreme overreacts.

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