Should all kids own their own IPad?


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I'm 60 years old and I don't even own an IPad, so no

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No. We should not presume every child is worthy of the responsibility, nor should we seek to legitimize an already over-entitled generation. These are fantastic devices to be sure, and expensive as well, access to them by children should be earned as a privilege and their use monitored by responsible adults, not imprudently handed out as electronic babysitters in lieu of adult mentoring or other more active pursuits.

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Kids ? No. At least teenagers and +18 ? Yes. By their own choice.

The main goal of ipads , iphones and such mobiles been for work,education and quick access of information. Not to get into internet all the time, play games and get addicted and spoiled by it.

1.There's no usage for any person younger than 18 and those who don't even go to school! Which we see some kids really having one! It's a shame.

2.Those below 18 must have it, only if they have educational requirements. Even i'm against such study program. I mean it should be only a help not electronic run as the center of the education.

3.The usage of the phones in young age can cause long-term health issues for the children and younger kids due the signals and transmitters of the phone. Problems to the ear and effecting body's tissues are among the problems.

4.The addiction, the addiction that it might brings can harm the person both physically and psychologically and destroy the person's social life, activities and adventures, i'm speaking as someone who is a particular fan of technology, connection and internet. These connections and devices are power of communication which helps us to use our time better. But existence of a device is one matter, knowing how to use it in the most right way is completely a different matter. So at this point what we need is to educate and guide our younger generation before we make these devices available for them. So they could use these devices while they could enjoy their positive impacts without disturbing their social life, body languages, physically demanding subjects ect . .

5.The responsibility, a kid who doesn't know where this phone coming from, how much it costs and where it's money coming from, shouldn't have the phone, a kid who don't know how to protect his own property and take responsibility of what he/she owns and doesn't know how to respect and appreciate what's been provided for him/her, they shouldn't have it till they learn all of this.

6.Having such phones in very younger ages would follow other casualties as they would face and get into subjects that is not appropriate for their age. For instance, free access of pornography by internet.

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I think around the age of 12 kids are usually old enough and responsible enough to have a tablet. I don't think it has to be an iPad though. My experience with Apple hasn't been great, so if it were my child they would probably get a Samsung Note. Better quality at a better price. It can be a great tool for school.

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