Should Teenagers Have The Right To Make Their Own Decisions?


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Everyone always makes their own decisions. Everyone is always influenced by decisions made by other people.

Within the law, teenagers (and anyone else) should be allowed to experience the natural consequences of their decisions to the greatest practical (non-life-threatening) extent. That is how teenagers (and anyone else) learn.

In many ways, a teenager is like a 4-year old--always asking "why?" and always pushing the limits. Experience in the real world is helpful (out from behind a PlayStation and off the phone), as is discussion of projected consequences of proposed actions.

Asking "why?" can be a good thing. It can help the adults examine their own motivation and reflect on the degree to which it is applicable to the present situation. Pushing the limits can serve the same purpose. Teenagers (and anyone else) need to be respected as real people with real feelings, aspirations, sensitivities, and a unique personality that is different from yours or that of their siblings.

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