My French Teacher Badmouthed Me In Spanish With One Of The Girls Who Just So Happens To Be In My a Sixth Period French Class. He Said I Was Really Shy And How That's Stupid And I Should Really Speak Up. Should I Tell Guidance What He Said?


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Ancient Hippy answered

That's second hand information from your friend and not reliable. Ask your French teacher about what you heard. They are humans, after all.

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Tom Jackson answered

If your authority were equal to that of your French teacher, I would say confront her and ask him if it were true.  (You would be over 18 at least.) 

You are actually old enough to stand up to adults---whether they are right or wrong---but you may not feel that power yet.

Assuming you are not 18 yet, I would suggest talking to your counselor.  You can simply say what you heard and ask for the counselor's help in deciding how to solve the situation.

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