What are the benefits of dating a married man or woman? I don't know any!


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Just for argument's sake, say you're a man or woman that fears commitment. If you have a relationship with someone that is already married, there's no way that your relationship with that person will lead to marriage, unless they actually divorce their spouse.

I don't know if you consider that a benefit, but merely a reason why this may happen. Other than that, unless the person that has the affair with the married person wants to feel superior - hey, I've got the attention of your man / your woman. However, unless you're blind as well as stupid, this would only be a short-term feeling and you're willing to settle for less just for a temporary situation.

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For the people who take up with a married person there must be some benefit or else people wouldn't do it. Whatever those benefits are I think they must be very short term.

When mistresses have been interviewed they talk about the financial benefits, and the benefit of only seeing that person at his best. He goes to her for fun romps, and the wife is stuck with the rest of him.

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There is  no benefits , only consequences for all  involved.1Thessalonians 4:3-4

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Well, you can mention it as undeniable proof that you are monumentally stupid.

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Hopefully you're not calling me stupid for posting a question? I'll take you're talking about a person engaging in an adulterous relationship.
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Not at all---I don't know any either.

People who date a married man or woman would bet everything they own in 5 card draw poker and then discard 4 cards and expect to get a royal flush.
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Ok ☺
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If all parties in the marriages are open and consenting about the idea, then its very beneficial, especially when deeper commitments aren't needed or wanted.

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