I pushed a boy away from me. But then I realize that I have feelings for him. What can I do about it? A guy's opinion is preferred.


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rocker aks answered

If the guy is trustworthy and respect your feelings and the most importantly loves you then just go to a beautiful place and talk there should not be any questions left in your mind and also to that guy's mind.spend some time until you both get comfortable with each other.If his presence makes you feel out of the world then you are made for each other .But first of all you should know whether that guy is trustworthy or not.Be cheerful.THANKYOU. 

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I know you'd "prefer" a guy's opinion but I had to respond.  Sweetie, coming from an old lady...with years and years of life experience:  Please do nothing.  You need time to mature.  First become the best you you can be and you will attract a "man" worthy of such a "woman."

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Walt O'Reagun answered

Walk up to him, and ask him on a date.

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Oh, what a pity... You see, we often can't tell what we feel until we lose someone... Just try to be honest and show him you were wrong. He must appreciate that, if he's still in love. I've learnt it recently: Be always sincere with people who care about you. Good luck!

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