Would like opinions from parents who use or would use a childminder. How would you feel about your childminder nursing their baby or toddler around your children?


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I think what you're asking is - would it bother you if the nanny / babysitter / child-minder nursed her own child in front of your children?

No, it wouldn't bother me that she would nurse her child in front of mine as long as she realizes that if my child is verbal, he would ask about it. She would need to be prepared to answer questions.

The other part of the question is unspoken. Nursing a baby can take up to 40 minutes every 3 to 4 hours, so if you are nursing a baby, that's a significant amount of time that you cannot tend to the other children in your care.

Yes, you can interrupt the nursing and have your baby start to cry because you have to take care of something that came up with the other kids in your care. But when you are babysitting my kids, my kids need to come first. That's why I'm paying you to watch them.

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I would never hire a babysitter who was still nursing. I do not have a problem with my children seeing a woman nursing in the same room. I do however have a problem with my babysitter nursing her own child while she is paid to attend to my children. There are enough babysitters who need jobs that I don't have to make that kind of choice.

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dragonfly forty-six
Interesting thread. I've learned from our conversation. Do you have non home day cares? Do the employers in your country encourage breastfeeding mothers?
Aurora  Drew
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Lots of them do, the nursery I work in currently is very supportive and I am given breaks and a lovely and comfortable room to express in. They even let me bring my son in to nurse for the first two weeks I was back at work. I am hiring my brother who also works in childcare as an assistant once I'm qualified so will probably have him take over whilst I am nursing. I am of the opinion that it is not a problem for children to be exposed to breastfeeding as it is a natural thing and not something that should be labelled as inappropriate and hidden away but I fully understand that some parents will have differing opinions on this to me and I want to respect that. I think what I will do is be very open and honest to potential families and let them know I am still nursing and will sometimes have to do this around your children but as always the safety of the children is my primary concern so I will do all within my power to ensure this doesn't impact on the care your children receive. Then if a parent doesn't like it or like you would prefer someone who can offer 100% attention to their child then they can look for another childcare provider. What do you think?
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And home based childcare here is completely government regulated. It is regulated by ofsted who set out guidelines and inspect and rate all childcare providers. There are no laws or regulations that prevent me from nursing whilst looking after other children but of course that doesn't mean all parents will be comfortable with it. You may be surprised that they actually make special exceptions for your own children when it comes to ratios so although I am really only supposed to have no more that one infant (under one) because one is my own child I would be allowed to look after another. I wouldn't though as I think it would impair on my ability to care for each child individually. I plan to have no more than my son and 2 others at any one time unless doing school runs or during hours my assistant is working alongside me.
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Thank you! That's a great answer. Yes I would certainly need to have an answer prepared to help the children understand what is going on. I think with nursing a young baby it is very different, my son who is now 11 months feeds twice sometimes 3 times a day and for about 5 minutes at a time. It is not a full time job like nursing a new born.

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