How can I 'de-crush' fast - I need to get this guy out of my mind?


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Thank you for adding a new word to the language. I enjoyed it.

The time-honoured method for de-crushing is to wash your hair. Listen to this:

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My mother took me to see that movie when I was 13.

I definitely like Mitzi Gaynor; but when the young good looking guy died (John Kerr), it kind of blew my mind that he didn't get the girl.

Now of course, 57 years later, I identify totally with Rossano Brazzi's character.
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@Ecooos: absolutely. :)

@Tom. Me too. I think I was in my teens when I first saw it and Brazzi seemed so OLD. I couldn't figure it. Now I do. I bought a copy on DVD a couple of years ago. Still enjoy it.
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