Why Important women Diamond engagement rings for wedding?


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Where did you got that idea ? No sense in it.

All women are important in their own lives.so wanting a diamond ring has nothing to do with such a statement.

1.There's an unwritten rule between jewelry and women! Specially Diamond and women! Just like a direct connection to estrogen!!

2. It's a general practiced tradition across different cultures. I know it's pretty common across U.S.

3.It's also a symbol of a promise, respect and connection between couples. And the diamond ring would somehow represent the value that a man hold for his lady.

4.In the other hand, it's a gift, a gift that gives a pleasant feeling to the lady and the feeling of being special and beloved. So it's a happiness to start a relationship and marriage by it.

5.Not all women want it, not all women see it necessary, as well as being a tradition, it's an individual decision as well. In the same time, so many might not have the financial power to afford for a diamond ring and such a expensive ring wouldn't be a reason for some couples to stop for being together. Also some calls it being materialistic and don't care about it all! And they believe what counts is love, whether diamond be there or not! They're like, i don't care!

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Walt O'Reagun
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RE: #4 ... it's not *quite* a gift. If the engagement is cancelled, the engagement ring(s) is supposed to be returned.
Moga Deet
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I'm a woman and I don't give a crap about jewelry!
Matt Radiance
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@Walt, You might be right, but it's considered a gift in my world.
@Moga, I know so many woman like you, but i point out the most not the odds. also read my number five.
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Ah, diamonds.

They’re so beautiful. We are fascinated and this fascination could never fade away. This is one reason why every woman, no matter what economic class she comes from, must at least have one.


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A diamond engagement ring is not an absolute necessity in order to be married.
However, in American culture, engagement rings are common because it is a
pledge of love and is a symbol that a woman is no longer available to
be courted by other men.

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The only reason diamnds are important is because DeBeers Jewelers launched and extremely successful ad campaign about 100 years ago. Here is the history of the engagement rings.


As to why a woman today thinks it is important, you would have to ask her. Some it is for the tradition. Others because they like diamonds. For others, still, they don't find it important at all. I know one woman who had a star saphire instead, and it was gorgeous. She never liked diamonds and her husband got her what she did like. In some other cultures you are suppose to get a ruby. Nowadays it all depends on the woman. 

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I didn't have an engagement ring and I just wanted a plain gold band for a wedding ring.  I've been married 25 years and counting.  We bought house instead.  We were able to put over 20% down and had a very manageable mortgage and never had any financial worries. It seems more sensible to me.

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