Since we have a baby coming sometime, do you have any name suggestions? :)


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Congratulations :) wish the best for the new baby :)

Girl: Susan, Christina, Sara, Caroline, Katy, Jaime, Kristy, Hanna, Lola, Katrina, Annabelle, Jennifer, Gail, Jessica, Kelly, Isabella, Kim,Natalia,Melanie, Sindy, Kimberly,Jessie, Amy, Bonnie, Demi,Lindsey / Sabrina , Shelby, Jackie,Mary,Nina,Mackenzie, Barbara,Angela, Kate, Maria, Hope, Summer, Autumn, April, Anna, Sonya, Rose, Sun,

Boy: Jack, Matthew, Micheal, Lincoln, Ryan, Ray, Ronald, Morris, Borris, Keifer, Mike, Brad, David, Robert, Roy, Clint, Alexander, Alex, Joe, Mario, Raymond, Richard, Issac, Jake, Marshal, Bruce, Adam, Chris, Blake, William, John, Sawyer, James, Riley, Rio, Giovanni, Adam, Abraham, Martin,

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Ah congratulations!  Do you know if it's a boy or girl? :D

Some names I quite like are:

Girls- Bailey, Addison, Stacey, Tamzyn, Charlotte and Storm.

Boys- Damon, Matthew, Garreth, Adam, Lewis and Michael

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Matt Radiance
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My name is there! oh wow proud of myself now thanks!!! :)) ! lol!
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I love your names :) and thank you, I do not know if it's a boy or girl ^^... I didn't want to know, not until the baby is born. This is my first kid and I wanted to be surprised... I'm so terrified, I'm only 20 y/o lol gahhhh I'm excited! Sorry for rambling lol
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Congrats! For a boy Alex is a classic but i like Vincent, it can be shortened to Vince. For a girl, there are a lot of Autumns where im from but Amber is a cute name. Let us know what you name your baby!
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Boys: I like Daniel because it can be shortened to Danny, Matthew is a nice name, Dean, and Liam.

Girls: Lynne and October.

Congrats my friend, love ya ♥

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Congratulations! Do you know if you're having a girl or a boy yet?

I like the name Catalina. Also Phoenix for a boy (although it might take him a while to learn how to spell it).

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Conner, Levi, Silas for a boy.

Zaya, Zoya, Tatianna, Sydney, Aliyea, Harlow, Bridget for girls.


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There are literally hundreds of "baby name" books out there ... I suggest you check a couple out, and find a name YOU like.

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Victor Reine
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I know... I had just been gone for awhile and thought I'd ask a question. :/ I'm sorry :/
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He has been looking at those books and even online, he has found some he likes. I think the question was just for fun :p
Claire MotherofPetey
It's a good and fun question.

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