How can I have a relationship with a sibling who is always negative and moody and who rarely comes home?


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In life you will find that your relationships with family will go through stages. Sometimes you'll be closer than at other times.  Right now she is going through some things. Best thing to do is just wait it out. There might be a time when you go through some things and you are going to want someone there waiting you out. Make sure that you let her know you love her, and you'll be around if she is in need.

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My sister was like that, except for the rarely coming home part. She was distant and moody, slept constantly because she didn't want to interact with anyone... I was really upset by it because out of all my siblings, her age is closer to mine so I preferred talking to her. I was fed up with her lack of communication but I love her and remained understanding (: You should ask your brother/sister how they are feeling and see if there is a reason as to why they're being so distant ^-^ just whenever you can. Tell them you care and want to have a healthier/stronger relationship with them (:

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By keeping it a limited relationship. My mother-in-law is someone who is rarely happy. We used to just limit our time with her to one holiday a year. (Sigh) She recently moved nearby, so that isn't going to work, and I am sure she is going to say something about Christmas. We spent the last two with her and I have already told my husband that this year is my family's turn.

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