Is it alright that I'm shy around guys? Like I can't make eye contact ? I just feel shy.


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Didge Doo answered

Of course it's OK Megan, though it can be a handicap. Lots of us had the same problem. (Well, it was girls I was shy about, not boys, but you get the idea.)

I was extremely shy as a teenager and used to mumble so that people wouldn't hear what i said. When I met Mrs Didge she set about breaking me out of it. With hindsight she thinks she overdid it.

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Sure its ok and you can actually use it to your advantage here if you know how . Now some guys don't like shy girls but that's ok as none of us ever has been able to impress everyone. Some guys think being shy is cute but one day you wont be shy around anyone but takes time so enjoy it while you have it,  Good luck

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