My mother turns 90 next month and we're having a big party for her. My mom is financially stable, has almost everything that she needs, is housebound for the most part and can only walk with a walker. I need gift ideas?


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When my grandma turned 90 my aunt's, uncles and my dad got her a stripper! Haha! Like you said, what do you do for someone who has given so much of herself to so many....a nice family party, where mom does nothing, and a big beautiful cake, and a simple I love you will probably make her day Hippy.

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There are bakeries and even some chain stores that take a photograph and imprint it onto a cake. My mother loved John Wayne so we had his picture put on a cake for her. The following year we put a picture of her dog on the cake. She needed help to blow out the candles each time, but the personalized picture on the cake made her smile! (Perhaps an old photo of the two of you together) 🎂

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There are some cute bags for walkers to help her transport here necessities.  (You might even throw in some pretty moisturizing lotion.)

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You're awful lucky to still have your Mom around as I wish mine was too. Personally, I think the best gift to give her is that all the family comes and shows her all the love she has ! She'll be rich and happy with all her family around caring about her. Mom's really like to see all of their family at one time spending time with her. So there's a couple of great gifts. Your time and love. She'll be happier than ever.

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You're right Duke. I know that all she wants is the family together celebrating her life but everyone is calling me for gift ideas.
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I remember how that was. I just know that my Mom loved it when we were all together there with her ! The gift of love is the best one she'll ever have !
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90 is a long time, she has seen a lot - maybe see if some major newspapers (new york times, etc) have an option to order reprints of older papers, and get some from all the important dates in her life or times when major events happened in the world.

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Something sentimental ... Like a photo book of memories. Photos of people she knows and loves. 

I've seen photos on cups, blankets, scarfs etc .. even something like that 

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I had a blanket made for my mom with my dads picture on it about 7-8 years ago. Those things are fantastic gifts. You just can't beat the memories that fly out of photos.
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My nan turned 90 two years ago and we got her a big bunch of her favourite flowers (red roses) and we got her a framed picture of her with her children and one with her and all her grandchildren

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