I'm scared about college and I'm not sure about making new friends. I'm a little strange and I'm afraid of scaring people away. I've always had my very first friends there to help me make others, but when they're not there, what should I do?


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Lard Ass answered

Just be yourself! Be friendly, smile, and say hello! People can surely be judgemental, however, not everyone is that way!

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Firstly, try and remember that most people are new and freaked out on the first day.

I'd suggest setting some goals before hand, and being really stubborn with yourself to make sure you fulfill them

For example:

  • Force yourself to speak to 10 people you don't know.
  • Or sign up to 2 college groups, clubs, or societies.
  • Make sure to get 2 phone numbers or exchange Facebook details with 2 people.
  • Speak to 5 people on the same course as you.

Setting yourself targets like this turns the whole experience into a bit of a game. Also, as you tick each one off, it makes the following ones less daunting.

Good luck!

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