What Does Romantic Mean?


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The word romantic can mean different things to different people. It all depends on each individual’s perception. The definition of romance is the pleasurable feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. In relation to romantic love relationships, romance implies a person expressing their love or their deep emotional desires to another.

Romance is said to be an expression of love. Romance can also be associated with someone being imaginative and impulsive but not realistic because people are thought to act rather recklessly when they are romantically in love.

People in and out of loving relationships refer to people acting romantically which can also mean different things to different people. Some see a romantic as being taken out for a meal at a restaurant or being cooked a meal and being treated by their spouse or partner. You may have also heard of the phrase ‘romantic holiday’ or ‘romantic getaway’. These are usually targeted at couples who want to get away on their own to do things that they enjoy.

Many people believe that the idea of being romantic has been glamorised by the West and those who are in a relationships always expect it to live up to these ideals that just can’t be reached. You don’t have to go out for a candlelit meal, a walk down the beach while the sun sets behind you or lie and look at the stars together for your relationship to be romantic. In my eyes, romance is just about spending time alone with your loved one no matter what you do. Of course, there are romantic surprises that people can still do such as buying their wife or girlfriend flowers or something else that they see fit, but people shouldn’t feel the need to do this all the time to impress their other half.
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Romantic is a great thing. It means you have somewhat of sensitivity to you, and you know how to show love through actions , not necessarily sexy things but, is the showing that you care about someone.
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The word romantic relates to romance. A romance is a love affair, love, amorousness, fancy, passion, court, and spark. When something is thought of as romantic it is considered to be filled with feelings of romance or love.It is said to be expressive of love. For example: a romantic site.

Romantic indicates something or someone as imaginative but not practical. For example: romantic notions. These are full of imagination but impractical. Something which is fictitious or not based on facts could also be termed romantic. Romantic refers to romanticism in arts. One who follows romanticism is a romantic. A person who shows romantic traits is also called a romantic.
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It means to love in a physical way of showing it.

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