If I am playing a game and during chatting, someone says I am not completely a boy what does that mean?


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Haley, I have to say that when they say that, they mean they are having a a sex change. I hope this helps you!

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Maybe they were trying to tell you they are a girl? Or something else.... Or maybe just trying to distract you to throw you off your game?

What game were you guys playing?

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Haley Jordan
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Moshi monsters that's a game. I was talking to my friend he is one year younger than me so when I asked him that why don't you just tell your crush that you like him?  He said that I am not completely a boy I am gender less. He said that so I just didn't really understand that.  What does that mean?
Yo Kass
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It sounds like he/she is having some gender identity issues... if you're planning to be friends, I'd be supportive if he needs it, but not push the issue to much, it could be a sensitive topic.

If you guys only know each other through playing Moshi Monsters, then this may even be a subject that's too personal to discuss with other gamers over the internet. Or maybe the anonymity factor helps - not sure!

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