Is it normal to be completely be freaked out about the night following the wedding?


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Yes,  There is so much pressure to what to do and what not do or what you are expected t do there.  It should be romantic and happen naturally.  It doesn't mean that it has to be an all-night sex-fest.  You might be too tired.  Try not to feel that you have to have This Amazing Night.  You might end up going to bed early cos your are knackered.  Its OK.  Ignore all the Wedding Stuff and do what you and your husband want to do. 

I think it would be pressurised if your are a virgin however.  But just do what YOU want and do not feel pressurised to do anything you dont want.  Its no ones Business. 

Also you are starting a new life together so its natural to feel a bit freaked out and you will get a bit of a withdrawal comedown after the wedding so its natural too. 

At the end of the day - do what you want and its natural to feel freaked out - unless you are having second thoughts...if your sure you did the right thing then it should pass. 

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Suzan Hall answered

Yes it is completely normal and it happens. So do not worry. My friend was so nervous and panicked before her wedding but then then she got fine.  And not to mention we had a great time at her wedding in long island

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