What does bae mean? A lot of people say it I think its stupid and unnecessary I'm just wondering


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Google said it was a Danish word for poop. If not blame google!

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Oh thanks I've been wondering what Bae meant for months

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The word bae has actually different meanings.

  • It's an acronym that means: Before anyone else.
  • It can be use as a synonym for words like "babe" or "boo"
  • apparently it's a Danish word that means "poop"

This video here also explains it pretty well:

Because this word can take different meanings and there's not absolute certainty about it's real one, you can use it depending on the circumstances I suppose. Here is a good article from Time that argues that the most correct use for the word "bae" is as a substitute for words like "boo" or "babe". Hope this helps!

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Thank you Marta I love how much depth and info that you put in your answers. Can you please follow me back? Pretty please!!

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