I am a teacher who wants the best for my students. Confidence building is something my student has a conflict with. What are some really good tips I can share for him to apply it personally?


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If he is having trouble in your class maybe tell him after class to come after school or during lunch to help him. This could be for classwork/homework or personal problems in his life.

Also as a teacher your job is too help the student so make sure he is comfortable with you. And too help with that make sure you tell him you can tell him anything if he is having trouble. Hope this helps :)

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Confidence can't just be built up by meeting with a student. If you drag him out of lunch or personal time it will only make they feel as if they are doing something wrong and can make the issues worst. 

The best thing to do is focus on what the student is good at and base a lesson around that and place the student in a group so they can shine, and enforce the students to support them and show praise. When this becomes normal, they will begin building it on their own.

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