My kids want to learn Chinese in this summer holiday, who can give me some idea?


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Sara Alla answered

I think your kids can learn Chinese through Chinese
cartoons, songs and movie. As you said, you want your kids to spend the summer
holiday learning Chinese,  just for interest in it. It is a short time for learning a language. 

You can choose a Chinese learning online course for your kids, this website has customized Chinese lessons for kids. Hope my
answer can give you help.  May you have a
good day

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Elaine Watson , Learn Chinese in summer vacation, answered

There is no language easy to learn. You need to put great efforts to grasp a second language.I have learned Chinese for more than three years, and last year I participated in Summer Chinese Program. 

If your kids want to learn Chinese in the summer vacation, you may also try to learn Chinese online.  I really find it useful and worthwhile.

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Wendy Shi answered

Mandarin Garden is pretty good. They hold summer camps every year.

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ly fen chen answered

That's good for children to learn Chinese,but it's better learning the Chinese from China not from Taiwan, as they have a little difference in pronunciation and writing too, and it's convenient in writing Chinese from China than from Taiwan.

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