How do I convince my parents to have me go online schooling? I hate school and I miss so much! Their pace is too slow and I hate working in groups... I asked and gave these reasons and they keep saying no! How can I make them say yes?


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Well first make sure you really do want to go to an online school. I know you think you do but it is a drastic change and I can understand why your parents are hesitant.

You could show them success stories of people switching to online schooling. See how well they are doing in life and how online schooling benefited them.

Show your parents what you think is wrong with going to an actual school. Tell them that you are struggling and would like a more hands on approach. Convince them that the one on one teacher to student experience will benefit your grades immensely.

Look up some online schools and do some research to show your parents that you are committed to this and really want to make the switch.

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