I'm a straight male but i love to look at dicks. Is it normal?


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Well then you need to start excepting that you are not as straight as you think you are pal

There's nothing wrong with it, sexuality is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, but it seems to me from the way this question is worded that you consider yourself to be 100% straight where it's quite clear you are at least bi, if not gay.

Why don't you try to experiment and see if you enjoy it? Just try not to get too hung up on labels like straight or gay, do what makes you happy and just act responsibly when you are enjoying yourself. That is the main thing here

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If you're teen this probably a phase and you might be Bisexual

If you are a teen and when you adulthood you might hate looking at them

You could come out as bi or you may be bi curious

Hope this helps

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