How many sex partners is too many for a guy?


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Anita Jourdain answered

Well captain confident judging by the question im hoping you get checked frequently and god willing everything is good down there. Id say if your in a relationship your person should be your only partner. But if you aren't in a relationship or any type of commitment screw who you want just be careful put a cap on it get tested get your sex partners tested including pregnancy test if needed. But it depends on you how many can you handle!?! Just be careful and I wish you luck..and patience.

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Sean Baker answered

I lost count around 25 years of age. For me it's a higher than average number. This is irrelevant as long as you practice safe sex and get tested regularly. HIV isn't the only sexually transmitted disease that can kill you. Genital warts (HPV) can cause cancer in men and women and is affecting over 60% of sexually active individuals. HPV can be transmitted orally as well so oral sex with strangers should be protected as well.

You're young, have fun, be safe and get tested.

Nevermind, wait until you're married and make sure you're wife is a virgin.....

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