What is a good idea for a first date?


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There isn't really a one-size-fits-all "perfect" first date — everybody's different, and what one person things is a good first-date activity might seem boring or unenjoyable to somebody else.

How To Have A Good First Date

  • Make a suggestion for a date, and let them choose the specifics. For example, if you're taking somebody to the cinema, let them pick the movie you watch. It's important that you make some suggestion, though, otherwise it looks like you don't care (or can't make decisions!). Good communication is key to a good relationship, so start how you mean to carry on, and make sure you've both had some input in the decision!
  • Be confident, and show you're interested. If the other person doesn't think you're particularly engaged (they might get this impression if you're nervous) then they're less likely to say yes to another date.
  • Ask questions, and don't just talk about yourself.
  • Don't talk about your ex.
  • If you're of drinking age, don't get drunk. You might feel more confident if you've had a few, but your judgement will be impaired, and it's not a good idea to let that happen!
  • Keep an eye on your date's body language, and act accordingly. If they don't seem interested, or you don't think it'll work, don't push things.
  • Think of a few things to talk about beforehand, just in case you get stuck — nobody likes an awkward silence!
  • Do something that involves getting to know each other. I'd personally say no to a movie date, just because it shows lack of imagination. You also won't get to talk much at the cinema. However, I know that some girls do like movie dates because it's what people do in movies and on TV. It really depends on the person you're taking on a date — some people like conventional dates, and others will prefer something more imaginative!
  • Do all the obvious things like washing, making sure your breath is fresh, and wearing clean clothes!
  • If the date goes well, suggest another one when you say goodbye. People like to know where they stand.
  • Remember that your date is probably just as anxious as you are, so just relax and enjoy yourself! If you look uncomfortable, chances are that your date will then feel uncomfortable, too.

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Melinda Moore
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I'm with you on going to the movies being a bad idea for a first date. It seems a bit pointless to me, as the whole idea in a cinema is that people don't talk to each other, and focus on the film. That's surely the opposite of what should ideally happen on a first date: that you talk and get to know each other better!
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Well, since this is "my idea" of a perfect first date, and since I'll probably won't have another one again, I guess I can fantasize!  Ooooh!

Let's see... Breakfast in Paris?  A perfect sundown in the Kilimanjaro?  Nah!  I'm not that exclusive! 

But, if you really want to know, I'm really simple.  A nice bottle of wine and talking about life and stuff, getting to know each other, will do.  A place where I could see the stars would be ideal.  This means it would have to be an evening date.  Skies pitch black, quietness and maybe nature?

And... Some music?  I would start with Safe and Sound by Capital Cities!

Life's good! :-D

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Melinda Moore
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That sounds fabulous, (as did Paris, though I wouldn't be too keen on breakfast, as that would be way too early for me). I'd prefer jazz playing in the background, though...but otherwise your ideal first date sounds pretty ideal to me!
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Hi Kass,
Since yesterday was mother's day in Spain, and we were in fact celebrating with some wine, I was thinking LAN Reserva 2007 (or earlier) This is a very nice wine! :-)
Virginia Zuloaga
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Hi Mel,
Yes, you're right. Breakfast in Paris would have to be early. Cafes usually stop serving breakfast around 10.30 am so if you want to be on time for a fresh croissant or tartine you have to be an early bird! :-)
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Melinda Moore , Closet romantic, though officially a cynic, answered

My first-ever date, with my first-ever boyfriend, was pretty much the perfect first date, as far as I recall!

I was holidaying at a little village called Meschers, in the Charente-Maritime area of France, with my best friend and her parents, when I met a very gorgeous French guy, who was a few years older than me, and much, much more sophisticated.

When he asked me out on a date, I first thought he must need his eyes testing, but then couldn't believe my luck - so I said yes, far too quickly, before he could change his mind, or get his eyes to focus properly.

Then he had to ask my friends' parents for permission to take me out that night, which - somewhat surprisingly, given my age - they decided to give.

So, later, at around 7pm, he collected me from where we were staying, and then we walked through the pinewoods separating the village from the sea, to a little restaurant hidden away in a small clearing in the forest.

It was early summer, and still very warm, so we ate outside, surrounded by the smell of pine and lavender, and listening to the breeze in the trees and the sound of the waves breaking on the shore close by.

Rather tragically, I remember thinking how incredibly cool I was being, when I ordered "frites" instead of chips, (or French fries)!

Anyway, we sat and talked for hours, in a combination of bad French (mine) and almost-as-bad English (his), and then we walked along the seashore to a little town further along the coast, called St Georges de Didonne, where we sat on the beach and watched the sun go down.

Then, in the best traditions of romantic movies, we walked all the way back along the seashore in the moonlight, paddling in the water, which was still really warm.

Altogether, it was the perfect, super-romantic first date - and we must have done something right, as we're still friends, some 30+ years later.

Annoyingly, he's become even better looking over the years - though I can't say the same about myself! Also, he's recently moved back to the same area as where we had our first date, so he now gets to see that sunset every night, which I envy him, too.

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