When does puberty begin in a boy?


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Mark Mottian answered
Boys begin to experience changes in their body (puberty wise)  between the ages 13 to 14 whereas girls experience it between 11 and 12. Refering back to Faris sifd answer, yes we do start to enter puberty in the developing stages at 11 years old. However, in most cases of puberty in boys is between 13 to 14, big changes begin between these ages

(Please mind my grammar in the last sentence).
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Ihab Marzouk answered
As I have read, boys enter puberty at age 11
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alena salusalu answered
Between the ages of 9 to 14yrs.
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Sarah answered
Around 10-15
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jacques slabouz answered
The age is different for EVERYBODY..there really is no set time when it occurs.
Generally between 10 1/2 - 14 yrs.
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Ruth Campbell answered
It differs for different boys.  But you will notice your voice starts changing and you will start to get facial hair.  You'll know it when it happens.  By 13 you will probably know it for sure.
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Christian answered
I am a boy. Boys can begin puberty any time from ages 9 - 16. Your voice gets deeper and you will start growing more hair.

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