What is most likely to spoil a honeymoon?


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Lindsay Hart Profile
Lindsay Hart answered
Ur ex calls! But ur new partner answers.... Dun-dun-dun .. Thats a heart-breaker!
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High Sea Air answered
The  wife  secretly  sending text  messages  behind  her  husbands back  to  her  ex-lover and the  husband  picking  up  her  cell  phone  while  she is in the shower  and seeing  the text  messages  on  her  cell  phone
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Joan commented
Boy! Highseaair, you are right on - that could ruin a good honeymoon and marriage.
Arun  kumar Profile
Arun kumar answered
I guess either money or misunderstanding about any matter only!!
Meta Forrest Profile
Meta Forrest answered
If your mother-in-law was to accompany you  :)
Joan Profile
Joan answered
Flying into an airport to catch a connecting flight and finding out that the connecting flight has been canceled due to bad weather at your final destination.  You are stuck in the airport for 2 days waiting for the weather to clear.
Ray Dart Profile
Ray Dart answered
Taking your parents with you, 'cos they could do with a break after all the fuss of the wedding.
greg gowen Profile
greg gowen answered
The brides mom calling the room.
Zura Star Profile
Zura Star answered
I'd say that an ex showing up would spoil it, or some misunderstanding.  Most likely a misunderstanding about one of the newly-weds having interest in someone else.
suman kumar Profile
suman kumar answered
Small small mistakes, like taking the photo reel from your camera, don't ask who had done it lol. You should be guessing loll.
Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
Getting too drunk. I remember this couple I know, their honeymoon consisted of taking turns praying to the toilet bowl...... So romantic.
John Profile
John answered
Finding out your wife is a guy or your husband is girl. Or finding out they are still married to another and have 3 kids by three different people and your number four. Doh!
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Lol, it could only happen in todays world nomad1, am i right or what!?! Lol, lol...
Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
Having someone 'speaking now' and not
'forever holding their peace'...say a husband
or a wife (and/or kids) that the other knew
nothing about.
Or having the flower girl speak up and say
something like 'I'm glad you're getting married.
I like this Daddy better than ALL THE OTHERS'
Or the ring-bearer saying something like that to
his Dad about his OTHER GIRLFRIENDS.
Right after the 'kiss the bride' part.
Come to think of it, it wouldn't do the
reception any good, either
Midnite star Profile
Midnite star answered
Someone getting sick from too much drinking or consuming bad food or water. Or a really bad sunburn might. Leaving your plane tickets in somebody else's wallet. Only one of U getting bumped off your flight. In-laws showing up. An emergency at home. Many things can spoil a honeymoon, as has been mentioned b-4 me. But I wouldn't know 4 sure. Coz I neva had one.
Ruth Campbell Profile
Ruth Campbell answered
How about this, guys?  This happened on my honeymoon after my FIRST wedding.  My husband went off for a massage on my wedding night, while I danced with the bartender.  Now you know why it was my FIRST wedding, ho ho.
Stewart Pinkerton Profile
There are many possibilities, but this one happened to friends of mine. Going romantically naked all day on a beach on the Greek islands in the '80s, and getting sensitive parts so badly burned that they couldn't even cuddle for a week! When she got back to the office, we absolutely howled with that special 'team sympathy'!  :-)
Michelle Phy Profile
Michelle Phy answered
Family interrupting to much & too much to drinking brings on a lot of misunderstandings sometimes.

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