How Many Silly Bands Do You Have?


17 Answers

Sam Green Profile
Sam Green answered
Little sis has like 70 and i have 1
Mike J Profile
Mike J answered
I do not have any, but after seeing so many of them by other people, I think I['ll buy some myself, LOL.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I have 130 silly bands
Sarah Profile
Sarah answered
Audrey <3 Something (LOL) Profile
24! Lol

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Seffie Jones
Seffie Jones commented
Lucky! Yeah, Braeden has 26 cause he gave three to me! Lol. :)
Seffie Jones
Seffie Jones commented
I have 10, btw. 3 from Jenny, 3 from Alyssa, 1 from Braeden, 1 from Braeden's friend, 1 from a guy named Taylor, and my last is 1 from Erin. She is giving it to me tomorrow! :)
Annie Devore Profile
Annie Devore answered
I Have Ten ..And They Are All Pigs Of Course ..Pink Pigs
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I have around 150, my sister has around 100. The packs come in usually 10, 12, or 24. Once u have a lot there really fun to trade. Most of my friends have 50-200. There fun!
Sarah Hempting Profile
Sarah Hempting answered
I have 4 of them. There color is rainbow. The silly bands I have is a motorcycle , a car , a fairy wand , and a unicorn.
Ilina Profile
Ilina answered
2 (one is broken). I got them for free, from my friends, since they were sympathetic for me having none. Though I lost all of them.

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