How many good friends do you have?


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I have two best friends and dozen or so good close friends.

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Friends tend to come and go in my life....

Thankfully I have a group of friends who are now my family. Each one add a special element to my life. I couldn't really say to be honest. Blood is not thicker then water when you are bound by the Living Water. I know at least 7-10 in person, at least a dozen on the internet. You guys know more about my life and personality then most of my Blood line "family."

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My very best friend died a few months back.:(

There are several that are close.

Then there are all of you!

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Toni Pauze
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Thanks Mountain Man
She was a sweetie!:(
Ancient One
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Sorry tch a loss leaves a tremendous void in your heart.o hear about the passing of your best friend, Such a loss leaves a trmendous void in your heart.
Toni Pauze
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Thank you Ancient One
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Good friends are "nice people", if
you call upon them for assistance and they are available and do not have a plausible
excuse they will reluctantly come to your aid. Best friends are "True
friends", no smoke or mirrors. When you have a need they are there almost immediately, no questions asked. Good friends I have a few, true friends I have zero.

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