How Do You Say 'I Love You, Friend' In Italian?


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The expression 'I love you' is ti amo in Italian, and is commonly used to convey amorous feelings towards a romantic love interest. Whilst it can still be appropriate to use this phrase in the context of a platonic friendship, it may seem a little bit overzealous.

The expression ti voglio bene, which translates literally into 'I want good for you', is far more frequently used  between friends. Adding the word amico- which refers to a male friend, or amica (for a female friend) is the final piece of the translation.

It's worth noting, however, that lovers can also use the expression ti voglio bene to show affection to one another. The phrase can be found all over major Italian cities, in the form of graffiti, as a tribute to a boyfriend or girlfriend.
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Ti amo amico is "I love you friend" if the friend is male
Ti amo amica is "I love you friend" if the friend is female

I'm sure of this. I am Italian and am currently enrolled in Intermediate Italian Two.
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Lovers say "Ti amo".   It is for romantic love.
Friends/family say "Ti volo bene".  It is for those who you love, but not romantically.
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