Do You Believe That Your Choices Effect Other People As Well As Yourself? Whether Negative Or Positive.


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I believe that when choices are before us we make those choices sometimes without thinking that they will have consequences for others down the road.  Every action however results in a reaction of some course.  So yes, our choices most definitly effect other people, sometimes more than others.  When we ask for the Lord's strength and wisdom in making the decisions that come up we can at least know that it is part of the overall plan.....even if it appears to us to be negative "reactions".  "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Ro 8:28
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Of course your action and or choices affect others,it is like a diamino affect especially family members if one falls it knocks the others down....
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Yes Your choices effect everything around you, better results with positive and lesser results with negative.
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Definitely. I try to make sure my choices always take in to account others and impact them positively but i know I'm not always successful.
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Must pay close attention around us everything does effect others whether neg,or pos.
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Of course even if other people may not have a say on our choice. In the same way, we also get affected by other people's choices directly or indirectly.

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