Are Rottweilers Good Family Pets?


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Rottweilers can be great family pets.  I own a Rottweiler and an Australian Sheperd.  We got our Rottweiler as a puppy and it has been raised with my 9 and 12 year old.  With any large breed you have to be the leader and training is a must.  Research your breeder and meet the puppy and the parents first.  The mother of puppy can give you a good estimate of what your dog will be like.  Many of my friends own them also and all of them are well behaved and loving dogs.  One of my friends has a son who has CP and their Rottweiler adores their son and is used as a service dog.  Any breed can be a good family pet if raised right.  I have had a Golden Retriever, Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd and a Pointer all were great with kids.  Good Luck on your pick.
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Well my dog is a half rottweiler and half doberman. He's the best dog that I've ever had in my entire life. I guess it just depends on how you raise him. My dad was very strict with him and limited him to many things when he was younger, that's why he is the most amazing dog ever but that can also be an outcome of him being a doberman.
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Yes, they are very loyal and protective. As long as you get it as a puppy and train it the correct way. If you have small children it needs to be raised with them. Most Rots have been bred into guard dogs, and they can become hostile, but that's just any dog. I would do some research on the breed before buying one, but they can be perfect for familys given the right amount of room and care! Good luck!!
    Beagles are  great with children and I've noticed they aren't getting enough attention lately! Either way you choose any dog can be great .
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The rottweiler that I was involved with was two mons. Old and he was raised with kids including a new born and as stated he is great with all children, I guess he has having a moment, but never the less I don't trust him. I have a min. Pin. And he is the best.
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The most gentle dog that I have ever known in my life was a pure bred Rotty, I have a 16 week old pup and he seems to be just like his predesseser. He shows no sign of wildness, knows not to bite, or jump up. I have 2 grandchildren who poke, prod, kick, yell, scare, but he just
walks away. We have trained him to give up his food unquestioningly, which scared me the most, as far as children go, and he has learned to live with the fact that he must show humility. Trained correctly, a rot is the best friend your family will ever have!
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That depends alot on your family's life style. This particular breed needs mental stimulation as well as lots of exercise. We had a rotties when I was growing up, they were the best behaved dogs in the neighborhood. In fact they were kind of like the neighborhood security system. They watched out for everyone, especially the houses with kids. If your still not sure, get a rotty mix, any breeder will tell you that mutts are smarter and easier to train than purebreeds anyway.
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My parents got a rott, she is now 8 months old,  She is a beuatifull dog, And I was Extremly fond of her. We have two other dogs a lab and a shitzu, which we have had since i was a little girl, and have been great.  However I disagree with, a bad dog is always the result of   lack of training, or consistancy.  My parents were always consistant, and even purchased the life time training for this dog. And take her once or twice a week.  Needless to say my 4 year old daughter  sat down to pet her, and the dog growled at her and then proceeded to bite her in the face. It all happened in a matter of 3 seconds.  I was horrified.  She was ok..  She needed 8 stiches as well as liquid stiching in two other spots and had a bit of bruising, and needed to take an atibiotic  for 10 days.  I just thank god because it could have been ALOT worse.  Like i said this dog is 8 months old and is about 60lbs, my daughter is small for her age and is 30lbs.  Now i do not blame the breed of dog, because i think this can happen with any dog, But the bigger, and stronger the breed, the more harm can be done if it chooses to be aggressive.  Please be carefull when choosing any larger dog to be around children!!!! Because even with the best training, most friendly enviroment, and consistancy, a dog is still an animal and you never know what it can be capable of doing at any time!
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That breed of dog is known for being unpredictable.  I would not suggest it for a family with children.  In many of our local towns they must be specially registered and licensed as they are considered a vicious breed of dog.  

I would suggest a boxer.  We had one for many years & they are a loyal, loving animal and the one we had was really, really smart as well.  But that is just one dog out of many breeds.  The lab dogs are also good with children.  BTW, have you considered having a discussion with a veterinarian in your area regarding the breed dog he would suggest?  

Are you determined to have a registered dog?  Have you considered a dog from the pound?  They are much, much cheaper and occasionally they do have registered dogs.  You can also check about rescue organizations.  They are a group that rescue a specific breed dog.  

I have been reading recently that the greyhound dog is an excellent dog for a family.  They say contrary to what you would expect, they are a docile dog.  Also they have rescue groups for that breed, I am sure.
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I don't trust them, I help raised one from a pup. To 3 years old and one day he snapped at me.  I was sitting on the back porch watching the little kids play, and i had nothing to eat or drink just sitting.

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