Would You Rather Live In A Foreign Country On Your Own Or Your Home Country With Your Family ?


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Myself I could not do it. My mom lives with me and I take care of her , so a move to another country is out . But if it is a great offer and you are not hurting anyone by leaving, go by all means go! It will be a great experience for you .You can always move back if you are not happy.
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linda lola
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Thank you this really helps I do not think I will leave my family now I have recently learnt the values of friendship as my friends cousin just died at the age of 13
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I could not live alone, yet alone in another country..that's just me. I have to sometimes fly in my job..and I hate staying in the hotels alone....I love my sons and family so much and miss them when I'm gone..so no I would totally stay right here..
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I couldn't leave my family and friends, I love them too much, though most of my friends are here on the site, I still couldn't leave my family. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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It really depends on your age and whether you have any dependents. It is important that you are confident and solvent. It seems that you are not too confident at the moment or you wouldn't be asking us for advice, you'd be gone. Is it possible to defer this opportunity for a while until you have had a good think?
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Of course, I prefer to live with my family in my home country, as I can have contacts with them, like: talk with them, meet  them, have fun and ask them to help me to solve my problems, briefly, helping each other. So I don't live in a foreign country on my own to lose all these advantages. Because having good friends and good relationship with someone in a foreign country is not easy.

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