Can You Buy A Baby For Adoption?


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Yes. It may be illegal, but as all ways MONEY TALKS!
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It sure does, and under the guise of bieng a state agencey ,they are selling babies and kids to fill their coffers.
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The only thing, which we cannot buy in the world, is relationship. These relationships can be with your children, friends and others. Bought things have neither sincerity nor love in them and so far relations are concerned they can never be bought. So far your question that can you buy a baby for adoption can be explained like this.

In my opinion first of all you should not try to buy a baby for adoption because as I told you above that bought things or relations have neither sincerity nor affection. You adopt a child because you don't have your own children and you want to satisfy the desire of children by adoption. You can buy a baby from the needy parents who don't have resources to pull on their living but this type of adoption does not prove fruitful and beneficial in future and satisfy your actual desire of adoption. Its better to adopt such a child whose parents have sympathetic heart towards you. Some greedy parents also sell their children in want of money and that adoption too is not good for you. So it's better to avoid buying a baby.
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Most countries outlaw such practices but it is undoubtedly true that money can buy you a baby in many parts of the world. The reasons for this are complicated. Poor people everywhere are at the mercy of loan sharks and unscrupulous employers. People rarely sell their children on a whim or simply to make money but those who fall into debt and cannot support their families may be encouraged that their children have a role to play in securing a better future for the remaining family. There have been cases in which parents claim they have been tricked into handing over their children in return for the promise of a better life for their offspring not realizing the arrangement is to be permanent. Debt is also at the heart of so-called bonded labour in which people work without pay to pay off their own or another's debts. This has been outlawed in many countries but some poor parents still effectively sell their children into a form of slavery to survive. While these won't be babies it can affect very young children and if you do not want to be party to such dubious practices seek children to adopt that are not carrying a price on their heads.

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