I love going to my dads theres so much things to do we always eat awsome food and play the wii take the dogs to the park go to partys so much fun things and at my moms we well we dont do much.I wish i lived at my dads?


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Perhaps if you lived with your dad it wouldn't always be so amazingly fun. You are just visiting with him aren't you? So wouldn't he plan on having fun with you? Perhaps if your living arrangements were the other way around you would be saying things the other way around. I'm sure your mom is trying the best she can.
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Perhaps your moms' way of dealing with pain and stress are a little different than yours or your dads. I highly doubt that your mom is trying to be mean. Try to see the world through her eyes. You and your dad might do better together, but don't forget that your mom loves you too.
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You should talk to your Mother because maybe she thinks everything is going well and you're enjoying your time at home.

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