What do you think is the biggest risk we take everyday? Apparently to statistics , its "Getting into car" that is the big risk we all take...what do you think?


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I'm betting working with my horses is a bigger risk and I do that everyday. I think that for the normal person in town though, that getting into their car is probably their biggest risk.
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Sarah Johnson
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For most cattle farmers working with their cattle can get dangerous. My uncle gets chased out of them pen when the cows are calving at least every other day.
Adila Adila
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Wow....i never thought about that one. But yes its possible! ....
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Maxine Chan answered
Getting in a car with a stranger is the biggest risk.
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Adila Adila
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It is...but how about a risk you take everyday? Do you get into a car with a stranger everyday? Unless you mean for the ppl who travel in taxis and buses.
Maxine Chan
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For me, the biggest risk I take every day is to not cause any trouble for anyone.
Adila Adila
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..hows that a risk? 8)
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Arthur Wright answered
Just getting up in the morning as its when many risk a heart attack just getting going
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Adila Adila
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Wow another great answer! Thats very true...though it may not apply to evryone but certainly to most people..considering the way we eat and things we do! ...the blurters are on fire today! 8)
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Great question. Life is unpredictable and uncertain. If we consider every minute and every heartbeat a miracle, how many miracles do we get in a day?

Since the average heartbeat is 70 per minutes, we get 100800 miracles each day.

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