What 3 Things Are You Most Thankful For In Your Life?


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1) you should be thankful for everything around you, but most important you should be thankful for life. You have a life that you have the freedom the choose you path in this life! 2) you have family an friends that might or might not support you in everything but yet I'm sure they love you deeply!!3)the last and most important is that you are health maybe not physically but mentally!GOD BLESS YOU ALL 
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Health, family, and friends. Oh yes, and freedom from that superstitious nonsense called religion.
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I am thankful for my salvation in Jesus Christ.  I am thankful for my family.  I am thankful for my health and I am thankful for my freedom as an American.  Sorry but I had to add a 4th one.  ☺
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Laughter true friends and faith
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ly fen chen answered

My family and my best friends who support and concern to me. Another one is what I believe, am a religion so I pray for its supportability and love to me.

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I'm not ready to name anything just yet. I still got the sleeping pills within arms length.

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1. I'm thankful that I am smart enough to have developed good problem-solving skills.

2. Looking back at my life, I am grateful that I have enough confidence that, no matter what happens, I have the ability and aptitude to manage and benefit from adversity.

3. I am grateful that I was born into a democracy where my basic human rights are enshrined in legislation and I have access to education and opportunity.

4. I am grateful that I feel safe every minute of every day.  I don't live in fear as an adult 

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