What do you want most in your life?


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To quote Miss America..............."world peace".

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Lol :) that's a loaded question aye ? I'm thinking if I knew the answer I wouldn't be taking a time out in life on this site :) I use this site as my time out:..  It's served me well cos I would have said some idiotic things to people and messed every thing up :) I really do like who I am but  I know I'm a cluster faak.... Okay :) real answer !!!! I just want to be at  peace and comfortable...I want more than fun and in the moment happy :) I want someone to feel like home again and I don't want to settle , I won't then :)BAM ! 

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Yin And Yang
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Jaimie!!!!!!!!! Good evening my friend! :0)
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Hi yin :) good morning my friend !!! :) it's morning here now ... It's 5am ... I'm going back to bed then :/ it's to early to be up on a Saturday :/

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