My Father In Law Has 65000 WBC? What Would Be The Reason For It? He Has Chest Infection. Now Taking Medicine For That? Will It Be Related To That?


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Blood Cell counts are used to be the first step in making a diagnosis. When the white counts are elevated, it tells us there is something in the body that should not be there. So in simple words, it shows you have an infection, and how great the infection is. When this is proven, the Doctor will then know to search further.  What you don't want is for the White Cell count to be so elevated that it overtakes the function of the red blood cells which without treatment can lead to deadly good cells and even to inability to treat the disease that occurs. Fast action is called for when the count of white cells are notice as elevation. This turns into a white blood cell fight against the red blood cells.  Which one wins is dependent on the acceptability of, and the effectiveness of the antibiotics used.
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Yes of course, because the white blood cells are responsible for the elimination of stuff that cause the infections or anything else that is not good for the body. So in case of infection,inflammation,tumors,etc. The wbc can increase.

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