Can A Baby Blood Type Be B+ If One Parent Is Ab+ And The Other Is O+?


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Yes, definitely! In fact, contrary to what you might think, the baby would not be AB+ or O+ at all! It is all a play of genetics here. Each trait that we exhibit like our blood group, our hair color, our hair texture and other things are controlled by alleles. Two alleles are present for each trait. Only one allele passes down from each parent to the baby, so that his genotype is the combination of both mother's and father's genetic make up.

Phenotype is the traits that is exhibited and genotype is the genetic make up of a person. The following punnett square helps to explain it to you:

Phenotype   AB   O
Genotype   AB   OO  
Alleles   A    B   O   O
Offspring Genotype   AO   AO   BO   BO
Offspring Phenotype   A   A   B   B

When both the parents are rhesus positive, the children can be either rhesus positive negative or rhesus positive. In case both parents are rhesus negative, they cannot have a rhesus positive child though.

Hope this helps you! :)
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Yes. The said baby would have inherited the B allele from the AB parent ( who could just as equally have passed on their A allele instead , 50x50 chance each conception)   This baby could not be pure breeding for the B group however ( called Homozygous dominant)  as the other parent ,being recessive o grouping can only pass on  the o allele.
  A child also only needs to inherit 1 positive allele (+) to be positive. But he will be pure breeding for + if he inherits both his parents + alleles.    Finally only if both these parents are carrying for the neg allele can the child be negative group .

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