What would happen if you knew what your family really thought of you? Radar o'reilley.


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Lynne Dwyer answered
I have my extended family. They think I'm great. ( they must not be very bright )

@J. What was the name of Radar's childhood imaginary friend?
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Janey answered
Hugs and kisses all round as I know, just as I've always done, that they love me and support me and will alway be there for me.Just as I would for them and I'm lucky to come from a loving and close-knit family.
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Gene wright answered
My fam does their own thing and I know what they think of and we're glad we live 100 miles away from them...some words coming to mind is stupid, ignorant, dementia,
retarded...have more if your interested.
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Maxine Chan answered
Probably kick me out because they can not stand my emotional outburst. That is why I am going to therapy.
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John commented
I doubt they wan to kick you out,maybe kick you into next week. : ) right tot he moon alice(old tv reference) we all get on each other nerves sometimes. That doesn't mean they/you stop being family. : )
Maxine Chan
Maxine Chan commented
Okay thanks sir, but I still need to work on being assertive, not angry.
John commented
Yes, that would be a good thing.

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