Any ideas for someone who cant sleep... Please help, It's 5:00am here and I'm knackered but I can sleep D?


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Try warm milk with a tiny bit of chocolate syrup that always helps me and try a white noise maker app greatest invention ever
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Read, read, read.  I used to have problems falling asleep when I was younger. I would stay up until 2 or 3 thinking about so many things, I couldn't shut my brain off.  I started reading R.L.Stine novels every night.  I would read for about an hour or so and my eyes would get so tired and I was out like a light.  I think I just needed something to focus on so my thoughts would stop running through my head a million miles an hour, and books did that for me. Good luck
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Don't have anything else going. No matter how much someone says "it helps to have the tv on" or whatever, if you are interested in the show you will keep opening your eyes to watch. So turn all electronics and lights off in your room. And lay in bed with your eyes closed and either: Go through the steps of something you know in your head, like building something, or : Tell yourself your day as you would if you were writing it into a book or journal. This is how I get asleep.
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I always find reading a book helps, especially if its a boring, uninteresting one. Then there is the old idea of picturing sheep in your mind, and counting them as they jump over a fence.
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My doctor told me to do something really boring when I cannot sleep, like clean out a drawer, because you don't want to do anything which might stimulate you, like reading or watching tv. Maybe you could roll your socks up or something like that? I find having some lavender oil on my pillow helps relax me but honestly, I take sleeping pills every night and I do not recommend pills because they are addictive and I cannot sleep without them now.
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I can honestly relate! I've had sleeping problems since I was a child. Reading helps... I remember when I used to read Harry Potter books at night and my eyelids would get heavy forcing me to sleep! Also, be active throughout the day, this definately helps as you'll be tired when you hit the bed and fall asleep more easily! :)
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Running does it for me I'm not even a good runner. But going up and down a hill, even if just slowly running, it tires me out. I'm not sure of what you drink but more than one soda won't do you any favors with sleep.
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All that calming stuff does not work, it just bores the heck out of you, I have these same problems & I just get drunk until I see triple & that usually knocks me out in half an hour after getting drunk.

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